Raising aspirations and career education in agriculture

Gippsland agriculture is a world class industry with the agrifood sector being the largest contributor to the local economy. Despite this significance, many students remain unaware of the ways their different strengths and interests can be explored through the world of agricultural work. RACE Gippsland connects the classroom with the wider world of Gippsland agriculture and encourages students to explore their potential in a dynamic, STEM driven industry that exists in their own backyard.

About RACE

Raising Aspirations in Careers and Education - Gippsland (RACE - Gippsland) will deliver a range of hands-on, interactive and engaging activities to primary and secondary students focused on building student capacity in STEM, digital technologies, agribusiness, manufacturing and food and fibre concepts, which:

Raise awareness and increase motivation to pursue one of the vast range of careers across the agricultural supply chain

Build their knowledge of, and increase their aspirations to undertake further education pathways

Enhance their life-skills (e.g. communication, resilience, problem solving) by exposing them to potential employers and industry role models.

These activities will include:

  • STEM-based learning modules
  • Teacher Professional Development Workshops
  • Agritech Roadshows
  • Industry-School Partnership program
  • Social Entrepreneurships program

Learn more about RACE Gippsland

For more, watch the full video at CQU Research

The program, led by CQUniversity Australia, aims to enhance engagement and connections between industry and community. Through the project partners, RACE-Gippsland will promote professional development and learning opportunities for schools, highlight pathways for further education and engage industry expertise and ambassadors in food, fibre, manufacturing and agribusiness.

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